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Wrecker Bad Batch Bust - Assembled DIY

Wrecker Bad Batch Bust - Assembled DIY

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Wrecker, a formidable member of Clone Force 99, also known as the Bad Batch, is renowned for his immense strength and brute force in the Star Wars universe. Recognizable by his heavily reinforced armour and imposing physique, Wrecker excels in close-quarters combat and demolition tasks. His ability to handle heavy weaponry and endure significant damage makes him a key asset in high-intensity battles. Wrecker's blend of raw power and loyalty to his team highlights his crucial role in the Bad Batch, underscoring his impact on their missions and his resilience in the face of the galaxy's many challenges.

We have printed this bust in house with our own 3D printing machine. Each bust comes raw meaning that it comes unfinished, so you can sand and paint it yourself. The bust will come assembled.

Each 3D print is made from PLA / PLA ST / PLA+

3D Prints are printed to order so production time can take upto 14 days for DIY prints before being dispatched. DIY prints will be printed in which ever filament colour is available, so may not match the product photos.

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