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Crosshair 773 Firepuncher - Printed DIY

Crosshair 773 Firepuncher - Printed DIY

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We have printed this Blaster in house with our own 3D printing machine. Each blaster comes raw meaning that it comes unfinished, so you can sand and paint it yourself. The figurine comes in parts and will need to be put together.

The custom sniper rifle used by Crosshair during his appearances on The Bad Batch

Pre-separated into 16 pieces, this blaster has been optimized for real world printing and assembly. It has holes 1/2" and 1/4" in diameter for wooden reinforcement rods to greatly increase the overall strength of the print. 

The scope has 2 positions it can be sat in and 2mm metal rods can be utilized to reinforce the mechanism that holds it in place.

Measures 1.3 meters long when fully assembled.

The blaster is made from PLA / PLA ST.

Please refer to the render for an exploded view of all the parts

3D Prints are printed to order so production time can take a 7-21 days for DIY prints before being dispatched. DIY prints will be printed in which ever filament colour is available, so may not match the product photos.

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