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Narsil Lightsaber - Printed DIY

Narsil Lightsaber - Printed DIY

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We have printed these hilts in house with our own 3D printing machine. Each hilt comes raw meaning that it comes unfinished, so you can sand and paint it yourself. Some hilts come in parts and need to be put together with adhesive.

The hilts are all made from PLA / PLA ST

All 3D printed hilts can fit our regular one inch cores inside unless stated - RGB, Eco, GHv3 and Proffie cores. They also have pre drilled holes for attaching a blade.

Please note that these hilts are not design for combat and we recommend care if using with a blade attached so you do not damage your hilt.

3D Prints are printed to order so production time can take a 7-21 days for DIY prints before being dispatched. DIY prints will be printed in which ever filament colour is available, so may not match the product photos.

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